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Realizing What's Really Going on With "Too Much Input" by PlexusPlay

It looks like it has been a transitional time for musician PlexusPlay, who released a new album named Adulting and opens up with the song "Too Much Input." This song is made to help us open our eyes and ears, learning to unplug from any and all screens. He calls out how our body works when it comes to social media, and how big corporations are benefiting from these mini dopamine rushes we receive all the time because of their products. He shows the struggle that we go through. During the song, he even gives tools to disconnect. How we do disconnect and then get pulled back into the "rabbit hole" of videos, news, photos, likes, and so much more. PlexusPlay actually came to me a couple of months ago to review this song and I refused. I think I refused it at first because the autotune was a bit too much for my liking. Then the more I listened to his other songs where he toned down the autotune I was able to understand his genius. In a sense, it is very ironic to have a song about disconnection while having the vocals sound like a robot. Maybe if there was less layering during the versus and keep the chorus with the melodic mess to get his point across it wouldn't be too much synth throughout the song, and a little easier to listen to over and over again. I do appreciate the different instruments he produces all with the use of the xylophone, drum pad, and electronic keyboard to produce different instrumental sounds. Depending on which phase you are in life head to his website and he has a song for you!

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