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You Don't Need To Pick Up The "Pieces" Alone : Song Review of JUJ

When you have a lot going on in your mind you really need a support system to just help you get through the thoughts and fears going round and round. That is what "Pieces" by JUJ is about. There is a lot you can achieve on your own, but at some point you're going to need to just let your control loose and trust others. This is a tough concept, especially if you haven't grown up with a support system. It is hard to really put your trust in someone. Not saying you should put your trust in everyone, but once you find your group that will support you no matter what, put your trust in them. Then when there are moments where you feel like your life fell in "pieces" you won't have to pick yourself up alone, you'll have the support of others and "piece" of mind.

"I got these people so I don't feel so alone I've got no piece of my own"

This song is a fusion of Pop and Gospel. I love when JUJ talks about everything she is doing alone, the melody of the song was very singular. One layer of vocals and piano. Once she lets go and lets people in to help her the melody adds backup vocals to represent her support system. Then the song goes into a happy melody with a gospel feeling. Praising how important it is to have a support system.

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