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Finding Home in "Peanut Butter Waffles" : Ryan Caraveo Song Review

Finding that comfort in something that brings us nostalgia after acting and needing to be so serious all the time. That is the message that I am receiving from Ryan Caraveo's song "Peanut Butter Waffles."

"I make life decisions in the time it take to brush my teeth"

That lyric line really packs a punch. It just feels like in this world especially for the artists one small decision really could make a huge impact. Whether it's the song you create, the people you connect with, the brand you make yourself. Due to everyone's opinion it really could make and break you. As he is singing he is saying there is no highs or lows between this lifestyle and sometimes you just have to close off or really let your heart out, but in "normal" society it is not as acceptable as we all hope. I love how Ryan really gets personal and calls out not only how he's feeling, but probably how most artists feel but won't say.

Production wise, Ryan kept it really simple, guitar chords only layered in different octaves, which made you focus in on his lyrics than the actual melody. Even though the melody was still catchy it wouldn't be something that you would bump to in your car or at a house party, but something that you would listen to when you are in a funk and need a song you could relate to. I hope this song will be able to help you or anyone that needs to hear his message.

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