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Óregla Is Telling You "Don't Quit Your Day Job" in a Funky, Cool Jazz Sort of Way

Starting off with some heavy hits of the piano Óregla transitions slowly into the jazz song "Don't Quit Your Day Job". When I hear the initial melody of the piano it kind of reminds me of mission impossible. That sound might give you the feeling of adrenaline, anxiety, and excitement. It's a bit like a story. The person might be so fed up with regular life and needs some excitement, so he quits and jumps into that abnormal no day job work life, and as I explain above, the melody portrays those feelings. Then the woodwind instruments kick in and puts a bit of calmness for me signifying relief, like after the excitement there is a small feeling or normality, but then all of a sudden the melody changes into this perfectly chaotic sound that for me portrays that the realization of what he did, finally kicks in. Then trying to figure everything all out kicks in and he feels like chaos is all around. With the closing note even for that last short second the story is over, he knows what he has to do. Beautiful composition by Óregla, and jazz is not dead, just not promoted enough and so I am here to help!

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