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On The Horizon: DubbyGotBars

As Diddy recently announced, the state of hip-hop is at its highest power.  Due to generations of hip-hop there are many different styles available, and now artists are able to merge these styles as well as using other genres to create their piece of artistry.  New, Up and Coming artist DubbyGotBars has definitely achieved that.

          What makes him one to watch for, is that he is able to create a sound that sits between indie pop and trap.  If you listen to DubbyGotBars’s, music you would place him in Hip-Hop/Rap, but he couldn’t help dipping his toes into the new age rock/punk rock genre.  With the influence of bands, such as Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, DubbyGotBars is able to bring that edgy rock element to the melody of some songs, and that high energy to all his performances.  When it came to finding lyrics, he was influence from a great lyricist in the hip-hop/rap game, Lil Wayne.

          Even though Lil Wayne was a heavy influence when it came to crafting lyrics, lyrics were never really a problem for DubbyGotBars.  At age 9 during class, he was already sculpting ways to tell his story through music.  Within 16 years he has continued to perfect expressing his experiences into each and every song he produces.  Through each experience, it unravels a feeling, and that feeling shows within his melodies.  Even though there are many different styles of music where he could express his story, he was swayed into Hip-Hop.  Why?  Well other than music, DubbyGotBars was great at playing basketball.  In 7th grade he joined a traveling basketball team, and with him being the only white guy, the music that surrounded him the most was the latest and greatest in Hip-Hop.

          Growing and gaining followers, and within his 16 years of experience DubbyGotBars can not only be a star himself, but don’t be surprised when you see him working with some big names.  With his perseverance and love of music, he will be able to live off his art.  As with everyone, it gets hard sometimes, feeling like he is doing everything alone and STILL not where he wants to be.  So let’s help him not feel like that anymore.  Follow him on his social media platforms.  Share his art.  Send out your love and support for him, because he is not stopping any time soon.  There is so much more on the horizon for him.  I hope you are willing to follow his journey.

As always much love and thank you for tuning in this week!

Instagram/Twitter: dubbygotbars


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