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Kuri's "No Village" is a Village of Different Instrumental Languages

It's very hard to find a whole album that you'll enjoy every single on there. Kuri, developed that kind of album "No Village" that you could play in order or shuffle and every song is unique, pleasant, and can come after or before any song that is played. This album is a bit of every genre, some indie rock, folk, instrumentals, and more. It is an album that takes you on a journey. Kuri developed these songs by the different idea playing in his mind from pure curiosity.

Do you remember the movie "Across the Universe" , this album could accomplish a whole movie to accompany it. It is rare to find an album that each song is so different but goes along together and can tell a story. Also this album gives you a Beatleseque vibe especially during their later years where mostly every song had an orchestral sound to it. Most songs in this album are orchestral from the woodwinds, to percussion, to strings, it's just euphonious.

If you are the type to be ADHD with music, I got you. The songs I highly recommend you to listen to from this album in no exact order are: "The Great Orator" , "Sort Sol" , "Anathema" , "At One Fell Swoop" not saying that the others are worst, but these songs will give you the best of both worlds. Melody and Lyrics.

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