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Realizing That There is "Nothing Left" to Lose by Frostbite

Can't take the hate, the arguing, the lack of care for the world, well Frostbite realizes that there is "Nothing Left" to lose, and to wake up the listeners. Singing and trying to get the message across that things need to change. We need to start caring for the earth, because as you see it's heating up. Wildfires are getting even crazier and if we don't do something it's just going to get worse. This song is also melodically beautiful. Switching from melodies used in opera and transitioning to metal and then back to opera kept my ears perked and I was engaged in this song all the way through. The lead singer was not only strong but pleasant to listen to even though metal is not my favorite genre, and the rest of his band did a great job to make sure they didn't drown him out and still be a key component and strength in the song as well. I am sure seeing this band perform live would be remarkable and music supervisors should definitely use this song in some tv shows and movies.

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