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Nothing Else Matters with Zalman Krause

Zalman Krause can fuse into a few different genres.  His voice has a very bluesy feel that helps him in the R&B, Pop, and sometimes the genre of Country .  He considers himself more of a songwriter trying to create music the eases people's pain and make people feel something more than just wanting to dance. 

      Most of the greatest songs are about love.  The moment you get together, from the struggles you embrace together, to the moment that it possibly ends.  All that happiness and pain inspires his writing and he is so grateful for it, not only because it helps him get through, but he wants to make it easier for his audience to understand and deal with all those emotions.

     Zalman had a great deal of influencers in his life from being introduced to the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, and more at a young age, to an Aunt and Uncle who were both professional pianists, he was drawn into the musical world.  Even though he knew he wasn't the greatest singer at that time he kept working harder to get better since he was so passionate.  

      After he taught himself at age 14 the intro to "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica he kept teaching himself enough that he won 2nd place in a Battle of the Bands.  Due to winning a $200 gift card he was eager to learn, write, and play even more.  That moment was when he decided he wanted to stick with music for his entire life and make it his entire life.

      By surrounding himself with people from other countries, cultures, and ages he is learning and growing ever more.  He is one to watch out for.  Follow him on Youtube and Instagram, I promise you won't regret it.  Happy #MusicMonday everyone!

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