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French Urban Pop "Au fil du temps" by NOMAD

Even though some of you won't know what NOMAD is saying in "Au fil du temps" let me tell you it resonates with all of us. So here is the main takeaway in the song, it's just remembering the simpler times of not having to always make decisions and just being able to go with the flow of what life brings you. I believe you can grasp that take away with the tempo of the song. It's calming, the vocals and lyrics flow with the calm melody and it just takes you away with the song. Life now is always in a rush, rushing to get somewhere, rush to earn something, but sometimes rushing is not good and can actually hold you back from achieving greatness. Rushing puts too much stress, and now more than ever that is something we need less of in the world. We still will be able to achieve and we have so much time to achieve it. Yes, in a way Euphonixx is also a therapy session haha. I do have one little note for NOMAD, there does need to be a little bit more vocal work because it is a bit rough around the edges, all in all great work!

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