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Catchy Pop Song That Has "No Comparison" by Drew Schueler

With social media being a focal point for most of this generation it is easy to get lost and get stressed out at the successes of friends or just influencers that are your same age. Whether it is the successes of relationships, jobs, or anything else Drew Schueler is saying there is "No Comparison." Everyone is on a different path, every one is on a different timeline, and bet that maybe that is not the right path for you. I love that Drew talks about his own struggles when it comes to comparisons and then how he changes to have "No Comparisons" to the people around him. The melody is classic pop for this modern day era. With tinkering electronic synths, an hindering on acoustic chorus, to a jump of energy with the addition of trumpets and sounds like a bit of electric guitar in the background. Perfect pop song for when you are seeing your best friends getting engaged or anything else.

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