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Living in a World Where "Nobody Cares" : Song Review of OSTON

In a world that is so focused on perfection, we just lose interest in what actually makes someone perfect. In social media we only see the finished product, and it gets tiring, but at the same time we strive to be on that same level. So what makes someone actually perfect though? OSTON in "Nobody Cares" talks about the struggle of trying to be real on the online world. "Desperate for meaning" and not trying to conform to only the perfection that shows, even though that is what gets the most "likes". What actually makes someone perfect are their struggles, their journey, and their characteristics! We really want to share our true selves and it just seems like "nobody cares".

"I'm feeling so lost, Got all my wires crossed, Maybe if I post about it I won't feel alone"

OSTON with her producer did a great job creating the melody of this song. Singing about a subject like this could take a depressing turn, but with her producer she turned this into a pop sensation. She sang the lyrics in a very interesting way by changing it up in order to stay on top of the melody and not let the melody overwhelm the lyrics. This song is very simple in terms of the instruments used in the melody, but can easily get complicated because you can catch yourself singing ahead of the lyrics. It definitely keeps you on your toes for the entirety of the song. You don't want to miss adding this one to your playlist!

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