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No Need to be Bitter Anymore

Alright guys, if you haven't already I will share the original post in relations to this article.  If you did read the original post you would know the awesomeness of Aliice.  She can mix in multiple genres such as pop, rock, electro-pop and I wouldn't be surprised if she has some soul in her as well. 

    This is not a reiteration of the other article this is an update on what she has going on.  She has signed with elite US based artist management, Arrow Music Agency headed by Chris Sobonya.  She is returning to Los Angeles not only with her FIRE, but hot new singles! On January 15th there is even going to be a cool, new, and awesome music video released. 

     Aliice will never stop trying to grow, if it's in her lyrics, style, or vocal range!  She will never stop sharing her message of strength and SELF-LOVE.

Stay tuned and follow her on all social media! She is GLORIOUS

Arrow is a first class full service boutique agency providing artist management and music marketing serving a global roster of Pop, Electronic, DJs, Indie, Rock, and Country. Established in 2007 and today with a network of staff and resources in Seattle, Nashville, and Los Angeles, the agency has a diverse and unique artist roster that performs over 1,000 live shows per year. For more information and Aliice related interveiw and management requests, please visit

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