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"Nice To Know" What Your Thoughts Would Be : Saticöy Song Review

The thoughts that are want to be known, are the thoughts of someone who is very important to you, but are gone in this world. "Nice to Know" written by Saticöy was about the loss of the lead singer Derek Long's father and the long term impact it had on him. This unfortunately happened when Derek was 11 and wasn't able to have an adult relationship with his Dad, his mentor. The production is a mix of the nostalgia of the positive memories along with the struggle of losing his loved one. The lyrics are a mix of the heartache and the promises to be a better person to make his Dad proud of him.

" (You were nice to know)

The time of your flight brought the tide

Fallen tears pooled and dried since you died

You missed breakthroughs, vacations, and two graduations

You’d like where I’ve come in the time since you’ve gone"

This song was made to help others who are also struggling with the lost of someone that meant something great to them, someone who made a positive impact, either if they are still in the world or not. "To find comfort in the loneliness from grief" will always make you stronger. In the end "strength always comes from triumph over tragedy." Hope this song was a way for Derek to get closer to feeling happy again, and hoping this will help whoever needs to hear this song feel a little better and go on to live a happier life. Not to forget about the loss, but using the loss to get you even farther than you can even imagine!

You can follow their adventures by clicking the links below!

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