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Dreaming of "Falling in Love" with Nathan Fox

6 years after the release of "Falling in Love" is the time Nathan Fox decided to go full force into promoting this wonderful folk pop song. This is not the usual love song. This song first delves into the idea of getting rid of the negativity and hate that was inside of him. Getting rid of that hate and replacing it with love is what he really wanted. Then you hear him bring in the idea of someone he has his eye on. Instead of the concept of lust that fades away quickly he wants that love that has a strong foundation and will never dissipate. I love the melodies used in this song, there are like three different stories within one song just by the melodies themselves. From story telling folk, then to folk rock, and then it adds a pleasant little swinging melody in there, something you would experience in the 1920s. This song keeps you interested all the way to the end and something you definitely want to add to your playlist.

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