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Purest form of Beauty with "Naked Winter" by Mighty Brother

Honestly, all I will be able to talk about is the instrumental beauty of this song. It blew me away from the first note that was played. The song brought me to a grassy field looking at a hill top with the sun setting behind it. With swirling clouds in the blue, pink, and yellow sky.

This is also the thought that will come to you because the lyrics use imagery words to give you a certain vision while listening to the song. With the lead singer of Mighty Brother, Ari Carter, soothing and calming airy voice including the main instrumentals of the saxophone, electric guitar, and drums you'll be swaying your body to this song. Naked Winter's melody reminds me of many middle eastern traditional sounds and songs. This song is purely pleasant and I am glad the band added in the saxophone to this song.

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