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"My Future" by Billie Eilish: Song Review

It seems like it has been a while from the last time we heard from Billie Eilish. The last fan favorite was "Everything I Wanted", then her and her brother buckled in and worked together on the music for the new James Bond movie, "No Time To Die". Unlike her previous dark ambient songs, "My Future" gives off a Jazz/Blues feeling. For a moment I thought I was hearing Amy Winehouse.

Not only did I like the melody of this song that was created both by vocals and instrumentals, I also loved the lyrics. How it was talking about her future, what she envisions it to be, and that she is excited to get to that point in her life. Not saying that she doesn't like how things are now, but actually planning ahead. I also appreciated how she made references to how everyone says she needs to love someone else in order to be complete. She says no, I need to be complete within myself!

Not saying that finding that special someone is bad, just saying that you should feel happy being yourself. The imperfections and all. For those of you reading this I hope this song gives you a little happiness, a little strength, because right now the world feels bleak. Or we live day by day by just going with the flow, and while that's okay sometimes. You should envision big things for yourself, because you're worth it and you will reach your goal!

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