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Never Thought Deserts Could Have a Theme Song : "Mojave Days (Desert Theme1) by Guido Meyer

When you think of a desert, you think of a plain and desolate place.....Guido Meyer turned this desert into an oasis. Mojave Days (Desert Theme 1) makes you feel and envision the winds just playing with the sand and shaping it to become something beautiful, a place where you couldn't imagine beauty to even exist. Guido says that this fits in an electronic genre but I honestly believe this is pure rock with a the ability to be used in trance and chill house and could even be sampled as a melody to lofi hip-hop. The instruments, the melody, the transitions are so multi-purposeful that you can see how much talent this guy has. Originally I did think that he created this whole song using samples of others and just putting it together so well.....until I checked his YouTube and he really is an instrumentalist. I can't wait to see where he will take us next time with his music.

This guy is old school and only has a website and YouTube so check it out!

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