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Becoming "Modern Day Prodigies" by A Lion Named Roar

Being able to see something, hear something, learn something that others might not be able to achieve can make you "Modern Day Prodigies". A Lion Named Roar sounded like they are dedicating this song to those dreamers, those go getters, and to you. I like how this alternative rock song picks up elements of pop songs you would hear with EDM dance tracks. The verses have that wavy and calm melody and the lead singer sings each line in a different octave in order to keep the ears interested. Don't get it wrong though when the chorus hits you get that jumping up and down, head nodding, and hands swaying up in the air rock melody. This song is beautiful within the message because it sounds like they are really looking into you, and not your physical features, but your mind. Urging you to go out there and become the greatness you're supposed to be! Are you guys "Modern Day Prodigies"? Comment your dreams below!

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