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Singer/Songwriter Misao McGregor Releases A Sensational Album "Kid in a Corner"

Starting Out "Kid in a Corner" by Misao McGregor was like getting and introduction to who she is and the family she grew up it. Throughout the album it was her whole life stories, her feelings, her fears, her hopes and more. Playing with the irony of love songs and knowing that writing one is kind of cliche as she mentions in "She Was Worlds Above Me." Later on though she wrote a beautiful love song that coincided with the age of Misao at the time, "Stay in the Desert" with a heavier piano melody instead of using electronic synths to create the melody. In the song "Eight" she brings in the problem of her past, how people were bring her down, taking away her shine, but in the song she talks about how she started picking her self back up. Getting herself to shine again, brighter than ever. So who is Misao McGregor? "A queer, non-binary, mixed-race, indie-pop singer/songwriter" she wrote this to show what formed her, the good the bad and the ugly. From what I see it brought her to be where she is today with all her talent. I would love to see this album be transformed into a musical. There were many love songs and as much as I understand it to be an essential part of life I wish I heard more of what she really went through and how she got through it. Very pleasant album with a mix of piano melodies and electronic sounds.

This is not from the album, but a little bonus.

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