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One Minute Escapes To Different Atmospheres: Mini-Tracks 2020 by Jason Anthony Gomez

For those of you who have ADHD, boy do I have an album for you. Jason Anthony Gomez released Mini-Tracks 2020 that takes you on mini journeys to different places, but keeps you in a calm mindset. To be honest when I first heard these mini-tracks my mind went straight into gaming. Playing Assassins Creed or my all time favorite Zelda Ocarina of Time, I could see these tracks being used to give users that same experience of being fully emerged into the place they are in the game. Using synth wave in various ways pulls at your different heart strings. For instance I see some of these pull at my need for adventure, the moments I am sad and just want to grieve, and so much more. For those who might use this for meditation I can see it pull out those feelings that you need to release. So you can transcend into what you need in order to achieve the self you want to become. Jason, my advice for you would be to license out your music. Work with brands such as Artlist, Canva, any creative design platform that people will be able to use your music to fit the mood they want to portray for a scene, commercial, or just a social media post. Another thing I could see you highly succeed in is licensing the melody to producers in the electronic dance music world and have them create a longer version with your melody being the chorus, but just altered a tad to fit the style in the house music world. If I were you, I would create a mini movie to go with this album, take the users on a fantastical journey with colors and emotions. I could see it go very very far!

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