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Beautiful and Calming Folk Single "Caught in the Crossfire" by Michael Baker

The simple strums of guitar plus piano and possibly the pizzicato of a viola or violin. "Caught in the Crossfire" by Michael Baker features a lot of imagery with colors. It sounds like each color is related to each ones own view on a certain subject or object. Our own thoughts dictate how something might turn out, and sometimes we want something to really turn out well but because of our own thoughts we are held back. Maybe that is the whole point of being "Caught in the Crossfire." Michael's melody was beautiful and pretty simple, but with a unique twist. As much as there are different sounds to peak your interest melodically he lets his voice and the lyrics guide the song to its entirety. I can definitely see myself listening to this song over and over again if I want to relax and calm down from the craziness both in the world and in my head.

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