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MGK Is Not Just Gunning Words No More: Concert Review 6/30/19 @ The Wiltern

Machine Gun Kelly is more than 100 Words and Running. 9 years ago I saw MGK perform at mad frog with the same energy, the same passion, the same impact. Everyone was there, from a 4 year old kid to men in wheel chairs to 70 year old women and more, you just were able to see the impact he mad within those 9 years, and it feels so good. If you don't know I'm from Cleveland and so is he, actually grew up in the neighborhood next door and we went to the same mall, so it's always an amazing feeling when someone from your hometown does make such a huge impact.

MGK showed he was more than just a rapper, he showed how talented he was in singing, guitar, and drums. If you haven't already seen The Dirt, he plays the drummer of the band Mötley Crüe and did a tribute to that role on stage with so much energy (video below). He did a fantastic guitar solo, but yes he didn't let us forget that he can spit words out as fast a machine gun spits out bullets.

All the songs he played have so much meaning to so many people in the audience. Every song you could hear the audience sing or rap the whole entire song with so much passion. He talks about the pain, he talks about the struggles, but he reminds you that you are still as important as the most successful person out there, even if you don't see it. He reminds you that if you are a misfit to a cool kid you all deal with the same thing, rather it be friends, lovers, parents, careers. He reminds you to just live your best life!

Anyway, go see him live. He is dropping his new album Hotel Diablo July 5th so you know another tour is coming!

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