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Life is Full of "Maybe" : Song Review of Marquee Grand

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

"Maybe" can be a powerful word when it comes down to achieving your dreams. You look in every direction to see what you could have been doing or where you could be. Where you have a passion in something that isn't necessarily easy to obtain "Maybe" could be also very destructive. It could lead you with doubts.....but there is something powerful in the word maybe too! For instance it can give you a chance to relook at how you are running things and find a way to improve it. It can give you a goal you want to accomplish! It can inspire you to keep taking one more step at a time, "You know where you want to be, but you’re not sure if you’re even close, but you’re not going to stop and fall in line with the rest."

The greats will be great While the rest fall in line Maybe I’m not that far behind

Marquee Grand not only wanted this to inspire the individual person. An individual person can not take on the whole world alone. They need support. Support from family, friends, and of course THE FANS! "Maybe" was written in a time of the bands uncertainty, they weren't sure of continuing within the difficult music industry, but their support system kept telling them not to give up because, "you can do anything".

When it comes to style, the band did a great job choosing the beat and the melody. "High energy, infectious melodies, and anthemic attitude [all] convey[s] this band's central message: Be Grand." So far they have achieved being very grand by supporting bands such as The 1975, Blink-182, and Dashboard Confessional. So if you are a fan of this style of rock, don't miss out on this song, this band, and part of their way to being great!

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