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"Where Will I Go?" Dolev Frenkel Asks : A Euphonixx Song Review

Who else feels like they don't know where the path is leading them? Probably all of us since the world is at a complete standstill. Does that mean that there is nothing we can do?

<- What he said! There are actions we can do, and the song "Lean Ani Holech" which translates to where will I go by Dolev Frenkel is saying that even in uncertain times we just need to get up and go, yes that doesn't only refer to physically going but taking action. Don't worry there is not just one path!

Need a little push to make that happen? Well look no further this pop song spiced with hip hop elements will give you that hop to get up and start taking action. I love that this song is made with all acoustic instruments, dashes of trumpets, and a great drum beat behind it. Even though you might not know the language, you surely can relate to the message and don't worry you'll be singing the phrase "Lean Ani Holech" at the top of your lungs. Dolev Frenkel has a whole album out, and will be releasing new music soon, so stay up to date by following the links below!

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