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Pop Song "Make A Move" by Travie Austin Is Perfect For The Holiday

Christmas is over, New Years is on the way, and love is in the air. Yes it is Corona time, but that doesn't stop love and it seems like anyway the parties are still happening....So why not "Make A Move"? Travie Austin releases this energetic song to have you get up and dance, hopefully give you that courage as well. It has that Motown funk with the electric keyboard and the quick beat of the drums in the background. I love how there are various parts in this song that totally can get the audience involved within the song if and when this will be performed live. Of course the saxophone and the solo of the sax gives it that little flirty spice. I do think the vocals need a bit more work, but it was definitely good enough for this song since the melody was a huge role as well for "Make a Move."

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