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Making people move like a bunch of Mad Atoms : A Euphonixx Featured Artist

So how'd this band that's a mix of rock, funk, and R&B even become a thing!?!? Founder John Bragg understood in order to get the right team he needed to be original. What does that mean? Well no more covers, hard work, and determination were the recipe to just entice people to want to join. Although he got serious around 2015 to find the right band mates, it took about 3 or so years after. When musicians heard and saw the ads that mentioned the magic word, ORIGINAL, then the real ones came out to play.

Before going into their accomplishments, we really need to understand who is John Bragg. Unlike his other 3 classically and collegiately trained band members, he only used his ears and practiced on drums and piano, and that taught him to understand which styles to learn and to use for the bands own music. With the help of his fathers taste he fell in love with rock and roll especially since his dad used to play that music on his guitar. Styles such as Motown, funk, R&B came to be his next love during the adolescent years. With the piano melodies of those styles who can resist, and even in Mad Atoms album you find those piano styles in songs like "Let's Go Baby", "Madison Road", "Perfect World" and others.

Even though you can see this band play in LA favorites such as The Mint, Molly Malone's, and the Silverlake Lounge. "[Their] first big gig was opening for Dishwalla at The Rose in Pasadena. 'That stage and crowd were amazing.' The venue and fan base loved [them], and [they] started to get bigger gigs. [They] opened for John Waite, and then got [their] biggest gig playing for a full house opening for the Gin Blossoms." The feedback they got from the fans set them on a high, and with such a high energy team they want to incorporate the audience as much as possible into each and every performance. To understand the high energy of this band listen to their song "Ready to Go!" which embodies their sound. With their funky baseline, electric guitar, and splash of trumpets you won't be able to stop yourself from wanting to get involved.

Even though this bands music is eclectic, fun, and doesn't fit the normal style, they still at the end they want to "deliver a poignant/compelling message." So when it comes to creating the melody John (lead singer/keyboard) comes to his band mate Cody (drummer) to help convey not only the message, but they mood to go along with it, and they are usually on the same page. Where did those R&B and funky baselines come from though? 24 year old Augie (guitar) came into the picture and brought that R&B chords into the picture, but the funk comes from Antonio (bassest), John says you can hear the "assassin" skills in "FLY." Unfortunately finding everyone wasn't so easy, there were let downs, and roller coaster moments but that in itself is it's own material. "Songs of inspiration, overcoming adversity, heartbreak, and learning to break down walls are all messages [they] think would work well in the right projects....and once [they] have one song that's widely recognized, [they] can continue to build through bigger/better live performance. There's nothing more idealistic than the dream of sharing [their] message and art with the masses!"

So go listen to their recently released self-titled album Mad Atoms, out on all streaming platforms!

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