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"Like I Do" by Ashley Zarah & MKBLV : Song Review

If your Valentine's Day wasn't celebrated with a special someone hopefully you had the mantra of no one will love me "Like I Do". Ashley Zarah & MKBLV created a dark-pop/EDM track that is hoping to empower the ones frustrated by the pressures of society to be in a relationship. Saying that is okay to go home alone after a night out and not to pick up someone who won't even care about you. To really value your worth, be okay with who you are, and really love yourself!

"What a sight, it musta been when you realized that I'm, mine and nobody's welcome inside"

When you first turn on this song you question yourself if you time traveled back into the early 2000's. Reminded of Evanescence and Hayley from Paramore and after a couple more seconds you're transported to a dance club rocking out to your self confidence. Perfect song to send you off home alone safe and sound of people who won't appreciate you. I did want to say I didn't really appreciate the idea of putting someone else down that was briefly portrayed at the very beginning. Other than that I was happy Ashley talked about all the wonderful things that happen when you value yourself. So if you're single or not hope this song reminds you of how awesome you really are and anyone would be lucky to have you.

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