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Packing a Punch with "Lights Out" : EVOLSI Song Review

With a hip-hop type melody EVOLSI is heading into the boxing ring with "Lights Out". Sick of the emotional abuse, the gas lighting, the narcissistic character traits of someone she's been in a relationship with, she's packing a punch and striving for the KO to finish things off. What I really appreciate, is the lyrics she was using to describe what was really going on. You hear terms being thrown around like, oh he's a narcissist, or he was

gas-lighting me, but most people have no clue what those terms are. She was mentioning how the abuse really was taking place. The negative comments towards her, not having the ability for her needs to be met, and being hushed if she had any will of involvement.

This song is the power move to help you get out of a bad situation. This is valuable in any type of relationship as well as friendships and work relationships. EVOLSI is saying she understand you, but you can also get out, and this song of hers is here to remind you of that. In a concert of hers I can see this as a crucial turning point of her story. Where she will be inspiring women to gain their power, helping them heal, and getting ready for the next part of their lives of growth and self confidence.

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