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"Life's Too Short" : DENM Song Review

This song came to me during a time where huge changes are happening and it was starting to stress me out. Then "Life's Too Short" by DENM reminded me to change my views. Everyone has their own struggles, some more than other but really it is supposed to make us stronger. Also, this song means keep working on your dreams and even when you don't see results happening at this current moment, it will come! DENM shared his story of what inspired him for this song. When he wrote it he was "basically ready to give up on making music. STRESSIN because having to give up on a dream [he's] worked so hard for is one of the hardest things [he's] ever done." Depressed, broke, and feeling alone he turned to his only way of therapy....writing music. "Right there [he] decided to change [his] mindset about it all and not stress about it and whatever it was gonna be, would be." By changing his mind set the fire kept on burning and led him to an opportunity that blasted off into the success he is today and will continue to be.

In terms of music this song is pretty simple production wise. The lyrics and the vocals were the focal point and what led the song. With delving into the story through the versus and packing a punch with a strong chorus, you'll keep singing to yourself that "Life's Too Short" to stress out until it is engraved and part of your daily affirmations. DENM does a great job using the levels of his voice to keep you engaged during the entire song and you'll actually want to join him in a duet while alone in your car.

So remember enjoy everyday, enjoy the journey, the struggles, and the successes. You'll get there one day and remember "we're all blessed!"

Also DENM dropped his new song today "Blow it Up"

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