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When a Door Closes, Open A Window Featuring Levi Robin : A Euphonixx Featured Artist Article

Levi Robin, released his new album Where Night Meets Day and as much as night and day are opposites, so was the thought of who he would be through the sound of his music. With the country blues melody and tone I thought Levi would be a deep and serious soul, yet his demeanor is light and airy. For instance I asked him what makes him stand out from other musicians and he responded "well for one, my thumb print is different." As a husband and as a father that playful spirit is a must to keep the family love and fun alive. But how did this love of music start?

Some people know this is what they want to do as young as 5 years old, well this love came to Levi as a young adolescent instead. He went over to his friends house and his friends father bought his son a "red fender stratocaster and [his friend] said [Levi] could try it out, and [so he] did. [The moment when his fingers] hit the strings, [he] felt the reverberation go through the wood of the guitar and into [his] chest and it opened up.... a window, and a ray of light shone through. Then [that ray of light] withdrew back in and with that [he] knew [his] journey had begun"

First starting out with a band called Dazed Youth, fitting name for a South Californian band, right? Even though at the first gig while Levi was introducing himself to the sound engineer and was yelled at, it didn't let that bother him, plus "everything about music back then was all feel good, in a band with your friends, getting to turn your amps up real loud, it was great!" Yes there are hard times. To bounce back Levi explains that "knowing there is an indomitable soul placed within me and at times it can be covered up more or less, but it's my core. Even if i find myself astray I seek to return to it." That's what he can help achieve with the audience as well. To help them feel less alone and to remind them that there is a beautiful soul within them.

With his music he tries to achieve all of this, and what I mean by all of this, is to enlighten people, to inspire people, to connect with people and so much more. Even though he didn't necessarily say what inspires him for the melodies and lyrics, I think it's a mix of personal stories, life experiences, and a little divine insight. You can hear these themes play throughout, such as in the songs No Other, Days of our Youths, Follow You, and well actually the whole album. If you want to chill out and reflect Where Night Meets Day is the perfect album for you. It fits the story telling genre of folk music, it fits the blues genre with his voice, but all together I am sure you can find a song within to fit a feeling that you are experiencing.

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