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Leveling up the Vibe with Conner Cherland

The beat makes you move to the music, but the lyrics has music making moves in the world.  Now a days, all the songs are the same, the beat flows from one song to another, where's the difference? Where's the actual music?  Well someone decided that there needed to me more than just beats.  There needs to be a way to level up that vibe!

     Conner Cherland, decided there has to be a greater message in music, at least in the music he creates.  Writing down the pain, anger, stress, and even happiness can help you step back and see a greater message.  Through that great message Conner developed a beat behind it, because he knows that people connect to music better.  Sometimes creating these lyrics are hard for him, because when he is actually singing them out loud it is a realization that not only is the message true, but true in fact to him.  Which is pretty great, especially since most people have a hard time being real with themselves in the first place.  So if he can be true to himself, he can hopefully make others get true with themselves too. 

     Conner actually only started performing his music only 4 years ago!  It is pretty funny, just like most people it takes a life changing moment to figure out what exactly they want to do with their life.  For Conner, it was 2 failed relationships within a span of a month to get him up on stage at a burger spot in Santa Barbara, incredibly nervous he did some covers and original songs.  When the singing finished, Conner was brought back into the moment, everyone was clapping and now he continues to bring that joy to others. 

     Joy is important when it comes to anything really.  You need to find a way to realize it in everything that happens. Not only that, you need to surround yourself with the people who spread it.  So when it comes to finding people to collaborate with Conner finds the people who are silly when it comes to joking around and professional when it comes to music.  In this industry there is a lot of pressure and stress, and when you find good people with the same mindset it makes the writing process a whole lot easier. 

    When that good vibe is carried on into the music, that music turns into a gift.  All Conner wants to achieve is to be able to share that gift with the world.  If it's from playing live festivals and concerts, to having his songs downloaded on your phone, or even hearing his songs in your favorite TV Show or Movie.  Having that ability to positively change the world is his goal!

If you believe in Conner's goal go support him! To Follow:

Instagram : @connercherland

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Next Shows:

Thursday 3/22 - Los Angeles, State Social House at 8pm

Thursday 3/29 - Ventura, MadeWest 6:30-8:30PM

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