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Bar by the Coast "La Hata Vitoye" by The Bland : Song Review

Taking a break from their usual folk rock style The Bland takes you away from Stockholm and to a bar along the coast called "La Hata Vitoye". Their lead singer who is a practicing doctor "saw how much social isolation during Corona was causing harm." So the band decided to create a song with this story of a small bar with travelers from all across the world coming, sitting down, grabbing a drink, hearing and telling them their stories of crazy adventures. "Every character moving into the town brings something new to the story, and as the town grows in size and the world starts to hear about it - dramatic events happen to develop the town’s destiny."

What kind of sound do you think you'll hear at a bar by the coast of a made up town? A Latin melody filled with the instruments such as shakers, congas, charango, oboe, trumpet, and trombone just making you shimmy your shoulders and dance some salsa. Love not only how they bring the story of the song but really bringing you into the story with the lyrics and melody throughout "La Hata Vitoye".

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