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Build Yourself A "Kingdom" : Joel Adams Song Review

This is the song meant to change your point of view in life no matter what happens. The beginning of Joel Adams song "Kingdom" starts off with a question,

"Do you wish never to be alone

Never to be broke and always be right?"

Most of us would be like heck yea, we would love for that situation, but Joel has an interesting response,

"I'm still gonna be alone,

still gonna be broke,

but I know that I'll be alright"

It's true though, we never know what life is going to through at us. The ups, the downs, the twist and turns, but the control we do have is to take whatever situation we are in and make the best of it.

I love how the back beat is pretty simple and Joel creates the melody by the way he sings. He did a good job making the versus actual stories/questions and then with the chorus he created memorable lyrics that are easy enough to sing along with. As I am writing this last part this is the 7th time in a row I listened to this song and I am still not sick of it. Just saying.

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