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Kid Bloom was Booming while Kuening was Kooling...The Audience that is

Starting off with harmonizing vocals Kid Bloom is trying to bring the Queen effect back to full force. Different styles of rock and 80s Pop this band is bring out. For instance their first song decided to use the bass to get a disco feel just like Queens bassist John Deacon. The lead singer of Kid Bloom, Lennon Kloser, does need some refinement when it comes to hitting those lower notes vocally. Maybe another part of the band should try to take that part? Or maybe just try to make that song in a higher key. He really had trouble hitting those low notes because his voice wouldn't project as loud, that people started talking and he stopped the music to call them out! As a new band, I don’t think they should have done that. Only time where members of the audience should be called out is when you’re really rocking out and pouring your heart out and you can still hear people over you. Other than that he was a great vocalist, knew how to switch keys in order to match the flow of the song. If you like to people watch I would say watch the pianist because he dorks outs during parts where there is no purpose for him to play. For instance he was shaking his water bottle pretending it was a tambourine. All together their performance was really fun, their production was on point, and you could hear every member of the band.

Okay now to the headliner....Keuning.

So a little background about Keuning is that he is the guitarist for The Killers. Keuning started their concert in a small venue like an arena. By playing old historic style tapes until the curtains opened and his band took their placements. Starting off with a Coldplay style production, but not as grand. I can’t put my finger on it, but he has an older, rougher, and monotone voice. He should have more back up vocals during some parts of the chorus. Also, I felt like some moments of the song should have been played in a quicker and higher tempo so that audience can be more engaging and wanting to join a long. He is a great guitarist and he definitely shows that off in some moments throughout his songs, maybe that’s what he should stick to? 3 songs in and that thought is becoming more prominent. His back up vocalist is trying to help him, but for some reason you cannot hear the backup vocalist and his mic is not turned up enough. Keuning was trying to keep the 80s / 90s funk with the synthetic keyboard and it was just not working without the rest of the band backing that up. I was really disappointed because you think the production of his songs would be better, they started off semi strong and then took a deep dive into being pretty blah. Let's just say I think he should stick to playing guitar with The Killers, and that's all.

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