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Kid Bloom -"Does it Make Me Wrong" That I Want Disco to Make a Comeback?

If you remember, I featured a concert review of Kid Bloom a couple of weeks ago after their show at the Roxy Theater. Well, they just released their new single "Does it Make Me Wrong" which will bring you back into a time where you are waiting in line at the hottest Disco club, waiting to twirl and and dance your socks off. With a heavy bass back beat you can't help but move your feet side to side as well as swaying your torso to the smooth vocals by Lennon Kloser. If you listen close enough, the meaning is talking about the power of words. Deep in your heart you know you didn't do anything wrong, but other people influence makes you think otherwise. Which will then give you an internal struggle rethinking everything you've done. Hopefully this song will help you think before you speak negatively to someone else, as well as help influence you not to listen to negativity from someone else.

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