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Kevin Farris - Chance to be Fully Present

Never wanting to think "I can't write that type of song because I'm not that type of artist" Kevin Farris lets the lyrics and the melodies come to him any which way they want. I can't put my finger on who he exactly sounds like, because I think he is a mix of different musicians that we already know so well. His song "Always On Th Run" proves that. Which is a great thing because people will eventually be comparing someone else to him!

Thanks to Kevin's Dad, Uncle, and Brother who immersed him in music at a young age, Kevin is heading down his own path in music. Not only did Kevin learn how to play at a young age, but he played his first show at a young age, 8 years old! What was unique about it, was that instead of an instrument you think he would play, such as piano or guitar, he played a Blues Brothers song on the...Clarinet. Eventually semi ditching the Clarinet, Kevin's main instrument choice is the guitar which helps him create catchy sing-a-long melodies and lyrics that for sure will get stuck in your head. Don't be surprised catching yourself walking around on a sunny day humming or singing to the song in this article.

Wondering how he makes catchy, but real song with meaning? Like most music, it comes from real life experience. What makes it a "fun" challenge is for him to make his story accessible to the listener. "A unique, creative dance" of sorts. For Kevin, it's never the same. It could be from having a catchy tune while just strumming on the guitar to having a phrase that keeps rolling over and over again in his mind. Either way he wants to craft lyrics that can be transpired by the listener to however way they want to interpret it.

With that, I hope each of his songs give you the feelings and emotions you are hoping to achieve. I also wouldn't be surprised to hear his songs in different avenues, such as commercials or movies.

New Single “Born to Rock and Roll” coming Feb. 22 to the streaming platform of your choice

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