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"Keeping Me Alive" Jonathan Roy Song Review

I do not know if Jonathan Roy is a spiritual man or not and I do not know who he is referring to with the song "Keeping Me Alive." All in all this song is super powerful and healing. We are all a slave or in suffering from traumas in our past, and maybe that is who he is talking to. This song is facing those past traumas and saying I'll be

"Breakin' every chain that you put on me, You thought I wouldn't change but I grew on you', Cause I will never be what you wanted."

The fire, is the passion to grow, get through it, and become the best version of ourselves. We also have to remember that you need to pat yourself on the back for the accomplishments you have succeeded, and let that be the fuel for the fire to get through the next challenge!

Jonathan uses the powerful genre of rock to get this positive message across. With heavy and hard hitting chords he directs you through the story of being in a rut to gaining the power to keep striving and changing to be a better version of yourself. Also with keeping the same chords during the choruses you'll be belting with him and growing the power to climb that next wall. If you don't connect with this song in a deeper sense, well at least it's a great weight lifting song.

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