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"Bruises On My Skin" No More : Jesaiah Song Review

This is Mental Health Awareness month, and I couldn't think of a better song to feature. Jesaiah brings to you "Bruises On My Skin", a song that focuses on learning how to make negative comments from bullies NOT get to you. Bullies can really be anyone, it could be a parental figure, it could be kids at school, and it could even be your partner. She promotes that you should be confident in yourself and not try to change for anyone, because YOU are YOU. Nobody will ever be a YOU and that's amazing. Once you are happy with yourself, words won't hurt to the point of breaking you. She's not saying it won't hurt, but it will be like bruises that eventually will disappear!

"And this is my skin

I know who I am

I won't let you in

You're just bruises on my skin

And this is my skin

And If I fall down

I won't let it sink in

You're just bruises on my skin"

Jesaiah and her producer Chris Garcia did a great job on the melody for this song, because during the chorus where the lyrics are uplifting, the melody becomes up lifting too. Using an orchestral sound with violins, violas, and bass drums, with a splash of dulcimer and mandolin guitar makes your ears pop. Whenever you're feeling down, don't be surprised hearing yourself sing the chorus over and over again.

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