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Love is Universal : Jesaiah's Spanish Cover of " How Deep Is Your Love"

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Love is universal and it thrives in all cultures. Jesaiah, Sonnemm, and Universal Music Publishing teamed up to create a piece that aims to break the boundaries of how people view the Latin culture by using the very influential power of music. "Cuan Fuerte Es Tu Amor" which translate to the very famous "How Deep is Your Love" was created to try to break those boundaries.

There are so many famous songs in English that even people who don't know English would sing them over and over again. Universal and Jesaiah wanted to give the Latin community that power as well and so now here's a hit translated entirely to Spanish. For all those who didn't know Jesaiah has Latin roots, but felt like she needed to hide it while she was younger due to those prejudices. So this song was an opportunity to help those who also feel embarrassed have a foundation to stand on and be strong in being proud of their culture!

Not only was this song translated to Spanish, it also added a Latin flavor to the melody which gave it an updated and pleasant sound. To me this new/added sound gave a softness to the song, in a good way. I love when the Flamenco style is used in songs because it gives the song more depth, Flamenco really is the music speaking, when strummed a little harder you know the song is telling you, "you need to listen to this", while the light strumming is telling you "yea this is important, but just wait."

Does this song hit home to you? Let me know in the comments below!

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