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'Issa Vibe' for real! By The North and Wells Band : Song Review

Happy Monday! Oh, you're not in the mood to start the week or continue the week (depending when you read this). Need a song that just screams "Issa Vibe" to cheer you up? Well The North and Wells Band got you covered. It's soulful, no it's hip hop, no it's disco! Actually it merges all three styles.

Starting off with the smooth electric guitar, bass, and guitar it gives you that strut down the street attitude to tackle the day ahead. What I like is that each instrument gives this song it's own flavor and then Sam, Gideon, Jake, and John throw a little harmonization to turn things around.

Then a real turn into a hip hop solo from "The Captain" himself, lead vocalist Gideon Redic. Where you then really understand that this song is about finding your girl and treating her right, no playing games, and just making sure both of you are enjoying your time together. Finally it switches back to the disco feeling into the killer electric guitar solo played by Jake Stroper who earlier gave you that funky melody with his bass guitar.

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