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I've Got the Gypsy Blues: ft. Trubdr Adam Road

      When you listen to music it frees you, at least that is what it is supposed to accomplish. Even though music relates to whatever you are going through in life it is supposed to make you feel better, move on, and become better. You see that these artists relate to what even you have gone through and they have made beautiful pieces of art to move on, so why can't you? (Let me tell you, You Can!)

      Trubdr Adam Road is one artist who has accomplished making art through difficult life situations.  Talented in multiple genres such as flamenco, rock, folk, and even gypsy blues he takes you through a story with each song. Growing up with a religious background he developed the idea that everything happens for a reason, but everything is up to us of how to take it and the next action to take.  You will be able to hear this in his hit song "If God Don't Follow Me" which was featured on CW shows such as Teen Wolf  and Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals. Within this next coming year you'll hear another one of his songs "Ain't No Love" to appear on the upcoming season of Netflix's Jessica Jonesand UFC's Road To The Octogan.

Adam Road's journey started as a young kid in Israel writing and taking his guitar with him everywhere he went, even after he was old enough to move to New York on his own. Just to get out, he would play throughout parks and befriended another artist who would share the same park bench, and they formed a band called City of the Sun. After establishing a successful band he decided they were able to continue succeeding successfully without him and he decided it was time to go solo. Picking up his guitar once more in 2014 to move back home for a couple years, he grew and learned more as well as recorded his individually released album "Exile From the City.” Once he felt ready he decided to move once again out to Los Angeles, California currently touring and creating more music with musical director and renowned bassist, Sam Mendel to make each show unique and vibrant.

      If you make it out to one of his shows he takes you through a feelings journey.  Starting out slow, jamming instrumentals, onto the hard hitting soulful stories with his vocals that make you beg for more, to lightening up the mood with some flamenco to help you make it through the rest of your week. His shows really don't disappoint.  To follow him check out the handles below.  Thank you for staying tuned for another week of Music Monday.  Much Love and have a great week full of happiness, love, and of course, MUSIC!

Instagram: trubdr_road

Twitter: CityOfTheAdam



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