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I GAVE IN! : Tom Walker Concert Review

I was expecting Tom Walker's song to hit me deep in my soul, but he did beyond that! If you're expecting his concert to be chill with hard hitting lyrics, you're expecting too little from him. This is a rock concert! You'll not only be singing with him the lyrics of his song, but you'll be rocking out to the beat as well! What was very pleasing is the Tom sounded like his studio recorded songs you can find on Spotify and Apple Music, but better! Better, because you can see the passion that goes into each word. More musicians can learn how to transition melodies from him, he did a great job of bringing us (the audience) up with the upbeat melodies and bringing us back down to more slow tempo songs without and awkward pause in between. When he did pause it was because he wanted to tell us the meaning of the song, as well as making us laugh when telling us how horrible his ex-girlfriend which inspired the song Fade Away. Without knowing it he also tested relationships while singing Just You And I, and boy that was fun to see which couples were really in love, and which ones wouldn't last in the long run. After the necessary love songs he went back to rocking out with the songs Not Giving In, and Leave a Light On (song in video above) which showed us his talent is not only singing, but an amazing guitar player as well, and it was so fun seeing him rock out to his guitar solos. I can not wait to see more from Tom, and I hope he can get the fandom to sell out The Shrine or bigger, be he deserves that!

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