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"I Don't Like You Anymore" - Kensington Moore : Song Review

Updated: May 2, 2019

"I Don't Like" that this song is stuck in my head now. Hahahah just kidding. To be honest this song came out right when I needed it to, I was just ghosted after dating someone for a month. Kensington talks about how it was hard for her to tell the guy she was dating at the time (he just broke up with her right when she finished this song) that she loved him. Her lyrics "Every time that I talk to you, I don't say what I want to. I'm afraid I will scare you, and I don't want to scare you." , is so DAMN TRUE! Especially when starting to date someone new or anywhere in the beginning of the relationship. I love how Kensington's haunting sound while singing the verse really digs deep, and the chorus is still haunting, but uplifting. What's good about her chorus is that when she sings "I don't like you anymore," it can be taken in two ways depending where you are in your relationship. If you are like me and just asked what was on your mind, and was ghosted or broken up with, you can take those lyrics literally. Or, if you finally told the person you love them and it works, "I don't like you anymore" means I finally passed that stage and I LOVE YOU. We all strive for that right? If you're heartbroken or madly in love, this song can connect with you in any which way you want.

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