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I Am Electro-Pop

Lady Gaga, La Roux, even Calvin Harris might come to mind when you think of the music genre Electro-Pop.  The problem though is that those artists are now focusing on different music genre.  So who will bring the Genre to where it needs to be.  Well, let me introduce you to Alex Saad, also known as Alxxa!

      Alex’s parents put her and her sister into piano lessons when she was 5 years old.  Even though there were moments she was fighting not to go, she looks back now and is very thankful. At age 12 she started writing her own lyrics and would only perform when she believed no one was home.  Shyness, held her back until about high school were she would perform for a small group that the school would organize together.  She says she still gets nervous now but she uses that energy to move forward and preform better.  Surprisingly Alex graduating college specializing in physics.  She is really grateful she graduating as well as having faculty help her specialize in what she wants, music.  They influenced her to study the physics of sound which I think is the reason why her melodies can carry so far!

      Creating songs about heartbreak, life, and other concepts that comes to mind she delves you into feeling by using the melodies she creates.  Those melodies pierce your soul.  Even though she is electronic-pop you might be wary if she has a good voice.  Not only is it good, it’s amazing.  I was lucky to hear her live at a Sofar Sound show, not only does she explain what helped her write the songs, she makes you feel what she has gone through.  She’s really in tune with the music, and finally now she accepts that, even though she is always trying to improve.  When it comes to influence she feels “very luck to have such talented friends in [her] circle.  They inspire [her], push [her] to be better, and help [her] create [her] art.”  Ultimately her biggest influence is herself.  With what she’s been through she learned that if you don’t believe in yourself first, not many people will."

      Anyway, check out her music on both Spotify and Apple Music.  Her new single “Hung Up” not only has a great beat, it has great lyrics as well.  She is a genuine person, and I believe her music will go far.  Thank you Alex for answering those questions!

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