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It's All About the Hustle : "Waiting Tables" - Fly By Midnight Song Review

New pop duo Fly By Midnight comes to you with their new single "Waiting Tables". Giving you that 80s pop feel to give you the groove to brush and dance off the negativity. Thankfully I was lucky enough to meet this duo and get a better feel for this song. "It's all about the hustle" they said, letting you know that even they have struggled while growing. Having people come up to them worrying if they would be okay and not "starving artists" so Fly By Midnight is saying to them enough!

"I don't want your paper

I don't need your attention

Just say something and mean it

Promise me then keep it, keep it"

Fly By Midnight is also letting you know that during the growth, different things will happen. People will put you down, disappear on you, but in the end if you work hard towards your passion the tables will turn for your benefit. Just like it is for them!

"(I got) People coming just to go

(I know) High school kids that all went ghost

(But my) Friends and family they all know

I'm waiting tables

Waiting for tables to turn"

Are you in LA, they're performing at Madame Siam June 18, click below to get Free Tickets!

Show presented by : We Found New Music

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