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Taking Care of the "Human Race" by Hosny Bronx : A Euphonixx Song Review

Using the calming style of Reggae, Hosny Bronx is letting us know that we should be sick of the same things everyday which applies to the quarantine life as well as the daily grind before the outbreak even started. Basically in this entire song it's all the thoughts that are going about what is happening in the world today. How some people are scared of interacting with others due to their social class. The competition that needs to go on in order to survive in the capitalistic society. The love and prayers that we need for each other but are too stuck to see. That's why this track is called "Human Race" is to start focusing on all that are human and their struggles and to see how to help and how to free them from their troubles. As I explained earlier it is a very calming reggae melody, and most of the time the vocals are on point, there are moments that the vocals are very pitchy which maybe during those moments he could smooth the vocals to give a pop of sound. This is an almost 7 minute song which is cool when you are in the mood to slow down for a second, but he should have spit this song into 2 in order to keep the audience intrigued and then he would have another song to follow up. I am interested in what else he has to say about the world today and how he thinks we could fix it. So instead of finding the song on Spotify see the image below of how to purchase!

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