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Be As You've Always Been - "Be" Hozier Song Review

I don't know if you know, but Hozier just released his new album Wasteland, Baby! Since there are probably many album reviews, I will just choose one song that relates to me the most. I hope this one also relates to you too! BE AS YOU'VE ALWAYS BEEN! People always are going to tell you to do something different, be something different, don't do something because it is not putting you in the light they want to see you. Guess what, they are wrong! What I love is that Hozier brings in stories from the bible to prove his point. "Be like the Love that discovered the sin, that freed the first man". Be you, your mess ups, your failures, your hardships, it will only make you stronger. It is so smart that this song comes on strong with the bass drum and distorted guitar and with such a rocker style, into blues and gospel, and then back to rock. Keeps you on your toes, and keeps your ears perked up. Let me know your thoughts!

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