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Introducing Hooked On Sonixx

Hi Everybody! So you guys probably heard me mentioning Hooked On Sonixx a couple times now, and are saying "EDEN WHAT IS THIS?!?!" Well, if you're at work and can't really listen to the video I will write down what it is. Hooked on Sonixx is basically bringing the Euphonixx Music Blog to YouTube! Why? For some reason no one really likes reading anymore (I'll still be writing don't worry) so I'm making a podcast. Not any plain ole podcast but a YouTube podcast!! Where I will be forcing you to watch my face, or just hear my voice + who ever I'm interviewing + 2-3 acoustic versions of that artists original song!!! My face is cute too, so I would still look if I were you.

Same concept, mostly bringing in new artists (if you're a big time artist that wants to get in this, I definitely won't stop you) who are bringing uplifting, inspiring, insightful, intuitive, empowering music to the audience to help them get through whatever they are going through! Fans in Los Angeles, you might actually get to join in on these recordings, on both Euphonixx and Hooked on Sonixx Instagram pages I will let you know who is performing and depending on the space that day, I can fill in some lucky fans. Send me a DM after the bands are announced if you want to come. Artists, if you are so down for this please send me an email (Euphonixx artists, don't worry I will reach out to you). Any collaborators who want to help me out such as, studio engineers, videographers, BTS photographers, advertisers feel free to send me an email as well. I'll take the help where I can, if not don't worry the show will still go on.

Anyway, I am excited to share this with you and can't wait to get it going! Thank you!

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