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From Underdog to a "Hero" Featuring Artist Halle Abadi

Unlike other artists from around the world who try to merge their art with the styles of the UK and United States, Afghan and Iranian singer Halle Abadi proudly merges her art with her culture. You can see an example of this with her song "Makes Me Bleed," producer Christopher Ray Roberts (C-Ray) fully supports this fusion of music and culture by using Southern Asian percussion called a Tabla to bring that middle eastern flavor.

At the young age of five Halle's mother introduced her to the piano, originally not knowing that every time she struck a note, a note also resonated from within and she would start humming to the tunes she was creating. Her piano teacher came to notice this continuous trend and recommended to her mom that Halle should start taking vocal lessons. Re-watching her first performance ever of "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion reassured the both of them that music was her life's purpose.

Even though she's beautiful, this girl has power. Inspirations such as Rihanna and Amy Winehouse taught her it's okay to tap into that power. Her song "I W Y" shows that strong will, but also letting it be known that no one will mess with her, and with her second-degree black belt I doubt anyone will. Even with her own strength, she still recognized working with powerhouses help her succeed when it comes to songwriting. "It always helps to work with someone you can bounce ideas off of and understands your vision."

So within the last 3 years working with C-Ray she was able to release hit after hit. Her newest single "Hero" will definitely place her as a one to watch. As a person who has a lot to say about feeling like an underdog she hopes her music will not only reach listeners ears but to make them feel less alone through different emotions. She wants her audience to know,

"Everything you’re feeling is valid. If you feel like an outsider, embrace that feeling and embrace the talents you hold. Don’t try too hard to be part of the crowd because chances are, they’re all way too afraid to be themselves that they end up suppressing their true identity."

"Hero" is the definition of a pop song. It got that R&B vibe for the verses and the unforgettable lyrics for the chorus. It's so funny listening to this song, because as much as I know that this is going to be the song that will break Halle out and get her noticed, she's holding back her unbelievable voice. I can only wait till she creates a song that will show her full vocal range talent and infuse her culture within the melody as well. Halle and C-Ray did do a great job matching melody with lyrics, and I definitely can see other artists using this song to make remixes. Unlike other pop songs though this song has a message, which relates to her quote above. She's okay embracing what others need from her, but she also needs to be her true self as well as someone who could be her hero as well.

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