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You Can Handle This "Heart Attack" by West Coast Weekend

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Get ready to sway your body like a palm tree to West Coast Weekend's song Heart Attack. Bringing you that retro-pop vibe to a song that talks about "when something is so good it hurts and so bad, yet you can't imagine living through it."

"Oh! In the shadow of ourselves

Lookin' up at our silhouettes

Expectin' someone else

And runnin' from our steps

I'm burnin' for a breath

Like suckin' on a cigarette

One hit and I'll be dead

And nothin' will be left"

This song does a great job bringing the west coast vibes to a song about that heart wrenching feeling. Trying to make you feel better by making you dance to that funky pop tune. West Coast Weekend does a great job giving each instrument their time to shine! Also it calls out that BS when someone is keeping you on a string even though they aren't as committed to you as you are to them. They are saying enough, let us move on!

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